Applying the Design Process to Unpack Feminism

by Celine Semaan Vernon

On April 12th we hosted with AIGA a panel under the name of <Redesigning Feminism>. We based the conversation on the Design Process to try to unpack and explore Feminism through the work of the 4 panelists invited: JiaJia Fei (selfies), Laura Wass (Jewelry), Hala AbdelMalak (Kefiyeh) and Céline Semaan (Scarves). 

The central notion we'll worked with is Feminism and how the panelists saw Feminism influencing their own design and process, as well as the ways they think design has something to offer Feminism itself as a practice. We took the entry points into the discussion from the areas of expertise of our panelists: jewelry, selfies, scarves, keffiyeh. These four made particularly interesting ways to approach feminism because two (scarves, keffiyeh) are often seen as private, ways to cover; and two (jewelry, selfies) are seen as public forms of display.



Photographs by Candace Whom Studio

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