Slow Factory + ANERA Present

Dignity Fund

In an effort to infuse social responsibility with empathy and respond to the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, Slow Factory has created the DIGNITY Fund to support humanitarian aid to refugees across the region.

We have partnered with ANERA to support women and children affected by conflict in the Middle East.

Gaza by Night

The DIGNITY Fund was inspired by the experiences of Slow Factory’s Founder, Celine Semaan, who was forced to flee Lebanon’s civil war in the 1980s.

Photography: meredith truax | actress & model: raïa haïdar | gaza by night: alexander gerst | peace! hand lettering: james victore

Dignity Kits

Working alongside ANERA, a leading humanitarian organization with decades of experience, the Fund will use proceeds from sales of Slow Factory's Fall line to distribute Dignity Kits to affected women and children. The Kits include hygiene supplies (toothbrushes, sanitary pads, diapers), clothing + medicines to treat communicable diseases caused by over-crowding.

“We do not see any borders from space. We just see a unique planet with a thin, fragile atmosphere, suspended in a vast and hostile darkness. From up here it is crystal clear that on Earth we are one humanity, we eventually all share the same fate.”
— Alexander Gerst, Astronaut, NASA

Gaza by Night, the latest scarf in the Cities by Night collection, commemorates the launch of the DIGNITY FUND. It features an image of Gaza taken by astronaut Alexander Gerst from the International Space Station overlain with a simple message:

“Women most often bear the full weight of any crisis and ANERA has made a special effort to provide care and assistance tailored to their needs. We aim to help women because investing in women supports the family and strengthens the community.”
– ANERA president Bill Corcoran

Founder’s Words

“My family fled during the war and I could only bring what I could carry. As we were running, I remember seeing my stuffed animals fall behind me as I tried to keep up… I ran with all my heart. We were the lucky ones, going to join my dad who was already in Canada.

“Through this partnership, I hope we are able to boost the resilience of refugees across the Middle East. Acknowledging their struggle, and helping them protect their dignity — which is all many of them have left — will hopefully help them rise up and overcome. We are all in this together.”

— Celine Semaan Vernon, Slow Factory Founder