Slowfactory is a satellite boutique based in space printing NASA images on silk

– We create breathtaking wearable art pieces from NASA satellite images.

Open Data + Fashion = <3

No borders or political boundaries could beseen from space. WE ARE ONE.

Slowfactory is an open fashion initiative celebrating science and open data as a mean to raise awareness about the understanding of our surroundings: Earth, the Universe and everything in between.

Everything is a remix, our approach is one of collaboration as a mean to find new ways of expressing fashion, design, and science. What was once a utilitarian piece of fabric can become a piece of art. "Because there is no copyright protection in this industry, there's a very open and creative ecology of creativity." Open data is the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. 

In this spirit, Creative Commons advocate CelineCelines has created Slowfactory capturing images from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s on silk. The entire project was carried out using a collaborative approach: from the selection of open data NASA images, to consulting with fellow artist Zohar Kfir of Pattern Recognitions throughout the process and co-creating a dress and top with fashion designer Valérie Dumaine. In this way, CelineCelines has created a textural collision of science and fashion, a scarf allowing the wearer to connect with their personal galactic dreams. The Fall 2012 Universal Beauty scarf collection features 21 styles in 3 sizes, available exclusively at Slowfactory’s online store


Photography by Julia C Vona

Make up and hair by Cynthia-Christina Cadieux
Model Raïa Haïdar dressed by Les Étoffes
Art Work designed by Léon Lo


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